- Standard
- Heat Stable
- Special products for mayonnaise, sauces and salads 



Egg Yolk Powder is used for ice cream, mayonnaise, salads, dressings, ready mixes, emulsion products, cosmetics and others.




Storage Dry and Cool
Shelf life 18/24 months in unopened package, in correct storage
Origin EU, US or Argentina
Package carton box, 20/25 kg net weight
Pallets  600 to 750 kg net weight


Our Priorities

Monday, 24 October 2016
Our Priorities

* To supply proven high quality Egg Powders and Food Ingredients;* To fulfill our customers expectations, satisfaction and success, on a long term basis;* To build serious co-operations with reliable partners;* To develop new products and explore new markets.

New products!!!

Monday, 24 October 2016
New products!!!

New products!!! - Confectionery - Bakery - Mayonnaise - Meat - Others


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